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Port Washington Water District Proposes Improvements Needed to the Beacon Hill Water Tower

Mar 1, 2016

District Invites the Community to Provide Feedback at Upcoming Public Meeting

Port Washington, NY (March 1, 2016) – The Port Washington Water District (PWWD) has announced a major improvement project is needed for the Beacon Hill water tower. Built in the 1930’s, the Beacon Hill water tank serves approximately half of the District’s 30,000 residents of North Hempstead, including Port Washington and the villages of Port Washington North, Manorhaven, Baxter Estates, Flower Hill and Plandome Manor. The current water tank is coming to the end of its useful life and improvements must be made to continue ensuring the health, safety and sustainability of the District’s water supply system.

“We have reached a critical point with the Beacon Hill tank and must determine which of our options to improve its condition is best for the community,” said David Brackett, Chairman of the Port Washington Water District’s Board of Commissioners. “Water towers do not last forever and, as the protectors of our water supply, it is our responsibility to collect feedback from the community and move forward with a plan that keeps our residents supplied with clean, high-quality water.”

Several inspections conducted by the District’s engineers discovered various areas of concern in the existing tank. These deficiencies if not proactively addressed could impact future water system operations. In order to correct these issues, the District’s engineers have recommended selecting one of several different projects. The District is currently considering which option is best for the District, the residents, and the community as a whole.

“Elevated water towers are an essential part of the water supply system because, not only do they store clean water, they keep our homes and fire hydrants pressurized at all times,” said Port Washington Water District Commissioner Mindy Germain. “Given the tank’s position within the Beacon Hill neighborhood, the District has prioritized meeting with residents; ensuring they are supplied with facts; providing opportunities to submit feedback; and keeping lines of communication open before, during and after the completion of the project.”

A public meeting will be held on March 15, 2016 from 7 PM to 9 PM at the Port Washington Public Library, and residents are invited to come and learn more about proposals for the Beacon Hill tank improvement project. Those in attendance will have an opportunity to provide the District with feedback and ask questions about the proposals being considered. For those unable to attend the public meeting but would like to learn more about the proposed project, please visit pwwd.org for additional information. If you have questions or would like to provide additional feedback, please call 516-767-0171 or email info@pwwd.org.