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Protecting Port Washington’s Drinking Water Against Lead Contamination

Jan 29, 2016

The Port Washington Water District assures residents that there has been no lead contamination in their water supply for over 30 years. Our Water District as well as all Long Island water providers exhaustively test and treat for lead content. To ensure the water supply is not contaminated with lead, all Long Island water suppliers comply with the United States Environmental Protection Agency’s (USEPA) Lead and Copper Rule and treat the water by raising the pH to help prevent the leading of lead from household pipes and plumbing fixtures.

Here are some important points to note:

Our Water District as well as all Long Island water suppliers operate in accordance with USEPA’s Lead and Copper Rule, instituted 25 years ago. The regulation requires all systems to monitor drinking water by sampling the tap water from multiple households throughout our community. If lead and copper concentrations exceed a certain level in more than 10 percent of customer samples, the system must take a number of actions to control the corrosion. The system is also required to inform people what steps they can take to replace lead service lines and safeguard their water.

All results of lead and copper testing are presented to our residents in our annual drinking water quality report and our tap water remains to be of the highest quality possible and safe to drink. For additional information, please visit the UPSEPA’s website at www.epa.gov, or contact the Port Washington Water District at 516.767.0171 or at info@pwwd.org.