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Keep Your Fire Hydrants Clear

Jan 25, 2016

The Port Washington Water District reminds all residents to keep each fire hydrant location on or near their property clear of all snow and winter debris. Keeping fire hydrants clear at all times can save valuable time if firefighters need to easily access them in the event of an emergency.

“Winter has finally shown up, so we are taking this opportunity to remind each resident and business owner to pitch-in and help keep our community safe by making sure access to fire hydrants are free of snow and ice,” said David Brackett, Chairman of the Port Washington Water District. “Ensuring the fire department has uncompromised access to each fire hydrant will go a long way in helping to protect you and your neighbors from the potential hazards associated with any fire emergency.”

In addition, the Port Washington Water District asks residents to also consider assisting neighbors, family members and friends who are unable to clear their own fire hydrants without assistance. Residents who leave their homes for the winter season are asked to notify a neighbor who can make sure the hydrant is cleared.

For more information, please contact the Port Washington Water District at 516-767-0171 or info@pwwd.org, and visit our website at www.pwwd.org.